Steers ‘Hit A lick’ Case Study


Jan 2018

The Brief

Debonairs Pizza launched the Awesome Foursome Pizza in January & the idea is celebrating different & the fact that each person is an individual with individual preferences in how they consume their pizza, some love it spicy, others cheesy and others vegetarian etc. The Awesome Foursome has 4 different pizza’s with different flavours all packaged in one & the flavours represent the different personalities.

Fresh AF was tasked to promote the campaign & drive it’s messaging in a very unconventional manner that can effectively engage it’s target audience which is comprised of 18-24 centennials & 24+ urban millennials.

The Idea

The most awesome creations in the world aren’t created by one individual but there are always 3 others involved behind the scenes that bring skills & value to the creation! Well at least that is what we believe. The Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome campaign in partnership with Zkhiphani is about all about celebrating these individuals as each bring a different flavour to the creation & this is what makes it Awesome!
Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome is a docuseries content marketing campaign following 6 influential creatives in the music, fashion & art space. The documentary is a 4-5 minute exclusive in their element as they create along with their 3 other counter parts highlighting what each individual brings in & what makes that element valuable. Eg. creating a song requires a beat, a vocalist, a producer & composure & together they make the song awesome! Each of these individuals represent a flavour & this ties to the Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome Pizza which is about 4 different flavoured Pizzas but when combined create a mouth watering pizza!
The selected individuals are influential trendsetters & each individual has an “x-factor” about them & aligns to the Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome campaign objective which is to affiliate Debonairs Pizza with young influential game changers while driving feet into stores & selling the Awesome Foursome offering.

The Episodes

The campaign was to subliminally promote Debonairs Pizza through “cool” content pieces that would naturally form a part of Zkhiphani. com’s content without making it too obvious that its branded content.