Hi-Tec Heritage Collection experiential pop-up event

Core group - DJI 

Nov 2022

The Brief

Host a DJI Day/Event where we invite both media and influencers to join us in experiencing what DJI has to offer.

  1. Esteemed speakers in the content space (e.g. Donovan Goliath who won the Content Creator of the Year award)
  2. The entire event should be geared around making content
  3. A panel that can deliver a content creation masterclass of sorts.

The Idea

  1. Build entire event around notable & credible content creators across various creative disciplines that align with the
    product launch and brand.
  2. Generate excitement & hype around the product event launch.
  3. High PR value & exciting content opportunity
  4. Educate consumer and creators about the product to angle towards actionable purchase and brand of choice.